Car Rearview Mirror, Bathroom Mirror, Windows, Professional Anti-fog PET Film with Glue

Anti-fog film introduction:
Anti-fog film is a kind of long-term anti-fog film produced by a new type of small nano-molecule material through multi-layer cross-coating method. It can be used in buildings, vehicles and bathroom glass, machine instruments, sports glasses and so on.

Car Rearview Mirror, Bathroom Mirror, Windows, Professional Anti-fog PET Film with Glue

An anti-fog film is applied to make the glass look beautiful, clear and transparent, and enjoyable in both cold and mildew seasons. The anti-fog film for automotive glass solves the problem of glass fogging that has been plaguing many years for the majority of vehicle owners.

Car Rearview Mirror, Bathroom Mirror, Windows, Professional Anti-fog PET Film with Glue


The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car is large in winter, and the inside of glass is prone to fogging. In the summer and rainy days, the interior of the car is prone to fogging. This problem is felt by our vast number of drivers. This is a major problem that seriously affects traffic safety.


Product structure
PET release film + mounting adhesive layer + pet base film + nano functional coating + anti-fog protective layer


Product parameters
Structure: Three-layer PET coil
Appearance: colorless transparent film
Use layer thickness: 36um, 100um
Width: 1.52m, 1.02m
Mounting glue: pressure sensitive adhesive (similar to automotive film high viscosity), electrostatic silica gel (similar to mobile phone low viscosity)
Water resistance: more than 24*7 hours
Visible light transmittance: greater than 90%
Effective period of anti-fog: 1~5 years (depends on different environment and usage habits)
Storage environment: stored in dry and dark environment at room temperature, 1~2 years
Packing specification: can be customized


Car Rearview Mirror, Bathroom Mirror, Windows, Professional Anti-fog PET Film with Glue


Building window glass, glass bathroom, mirrors and other parts of the anti-fog treatment.
Car window, front file, rearview mirror, lights and other parts of the waterproof.

Computer, mobile phone, television, telephone, display and other electronic products and technologies waterproof and anti-fog applications.
Medical equipment, chemical equipment, oil equipment, laundry, bath and other panels waterproof and anti-fog.



Anti-fog film characteristics:

1 with anti-reflective function, improve light transmittance 2%~3%


2 Good water resistance: Water resistance is a key indicator for testing the quality of anti-fog film. The general anti-fog film is basically not resistant to water soaking.


Many anti-fog films have no anti-fog effect after being soaked in water for 2 hours.Soaking in water for 24 hours does not affect the effect of use.



3 Water can be decomposed into small water molecules, which can automatically clean the surface of the dirty material to ensure clarity.


4 The rainy days are affixed to the inside of the building glass or the inside of the front glass of the car to prevent fogging.



5 no electricity, no manual scrubbing, saving power and effort, to ensure that the glass surface is clean and clear and beautiful.


6 Transparency is good, visible light transmittance is greater than 88%, and can be close to 90%.


7 good UV protection. UV light blocking rate is greater than 99%.


8 long life, effective all year round. Valid for 5 to 10 years.


Car Rearview Mirror, Bathroom Mirror, Windows, Professional Anti-fog PET Film with Glue


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